Vanity Fair (part 1)

by Parlour Regiment

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    Blue-Eyed Soul from San Diego, California.
    References from all that good old stuff in a current style; enough to make you groove.

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Trying to keep it real all the day long, Ian and the Regiment do their best to bring you the soulful tones of yesteryear in a stylish millennial package. Get your solid groove on for the best part of a half-hour with this set, and look out for the anticipated Vanity Fair Pt. 2
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released May 8, 2011

Ian Gallagher: vocals, guitar
Rob Glickman: lead guitar
Rick Sybrandy: bass
Spencer Kim: drums
Rheanna Downey: girl vocals on "Not Your Own" and "Vanity Fair"
Shannon Rall: girl vocals on "Ooh Child"
Louis Fanucchi: organ

all songs written by Ian Gallagher except "Ooh Child" written by Stan Vincent

produced by Rob Glickman

recorded at Spectrum Studios in San Diego

engineered by Rob Glickman
and Denovious Lampkin Monk

mixed at Signature Sound in San Diego, Ca. by Mike Harris

mastered at The Mastering Lab in Ojai, Ca. by Robert Hadley



all rights reserved


Parlour Regiment San Diego, California

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Track Name: PROMO: Not Your Own (feat. Rheanna Downey)
breathing on yourself like smoke
struggling while you hardly cope
God gave you a telescope
but you're looking through the wrong end

hanging with your little tacks
printed lists of all you lack
but someone pushed an hour back
just to write a song to heal you

contrary to your hopes and dreams
you'll never be somebody else

close the door and turn the bolt keep your mind on home
be the mare and loose the foal you are not your own

rest your soul on tried and true
realize what's been done in you
have your cake and eat it too
who cares if it's cliche
Track Name: Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair, I've had enough of your plans for me
years of my life spent on fantasy
you just lie to me
Vanity Fair, class and romance make a fool of me
why would I want Hell's nobility?
you sell misery labeled as love

tables and tables of wares on parade
all one could want but so shoddily made
they won't buy your soul but they'll take it on trade
a small bit to touch and a sample to try
(you can) taste everything even if you don't buy
you can stay forever in
Vanity Fair...

bow-ties and collars so clean and well-pressed
shopkeeper's wives with clear eyes and well-dressed
faces you trust and love just like the rest
why are their hands always under their coats?
perhaps just a knife to hold, cold to your throat
should you get keen on leaving
Vanity Fair...
Track Name: When The Whip Became A Blessing
dust-covered roads in a conquered land
smoke plumes up from where the king would stand
before the palace was ground down to sand
women weep where children ran

since all time it's always been the same
and our king we can't recall his name
but his banner that was felled in shame
lit all Glory with its holy flame

when the whip became a blessing and the thorns begat the crowns
the Innocent confessing pulled the seperation down
oh, how Evil must have felt when the Lion led Himself to be our lamb

the people work in the dirt and the clay
for food they would have thrown away
in the kingdom's time before that day
when their way of life was chased away

most the young have never seen the weight
of good armour on an honest face
but the fallen men who died in grace
left the ground where they were laid to waste
Track Name: Nothing Has Changed
we have dreams to be good and to be strong
to heal the world, and "save the babies" just like the songs
but though we fight we can't right every wrong
most things are as have been all along

nothing has changed
it has always cost blood
and the ways are the same
and it's always God's love
that changes a name with hope from above

Lord I've tried to stand up and raise my hands
to plant my feet, to hold the line; to take a stand
but then I find, time after time, that's just not the plan
so in the meanwhile I will just do... I will do what I can:
to believe in Him whom nothing can change